The YPG exists to set 14-30 year olds on an exciting, productive and lifelong journey with God. Its focus is ministry, family, faith, education and outreach.

The YPG meets every Sunday at 1:00pm. The meetings are very interactive and include an inspiring message, fun activities, sports, and much more. The group is divided into "Tribes of Israel," with the aim to gain the most points and become the "Tribe of the Year."

We're not like other ‘feel good' groups that place their emphasis on having fun without a bigger mission. Rather, we actually want you to do better for yourself. By coming to the YPG meetings, you will mature and become an above-average youth. If you're ready to be challenged, then you're ready for the YPG.

For more information feel free to call us.

Texas: (713) 773-8400
California: (855) 332-1900
Florida: (305) 649-3938
Georgia: (678) 990-4445
New York: (888) 667-4141

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