When does it start and finish?

The 40 Day Fast of Jesus begins on June 10th and ends on July 19th.

Can I eat food?

Yes, you can. This 40 Day Fast is not of food and water. Those who join this fast will abstain from media, news, entertainment and any secular information.

What to watch?

During these 40 Days, we encourage you to meditate on the Word of God, and to avoid filling your mind with many different ideas even from other Christians. It is a moment of self-analysis. However, you can watch videos that are made specific for this Fast posted here on our site. You can also watch videos based on the Bible that will help to build your faith. Avoid watching commentaries and personal opinions, this is a time for you to allow God to speak to you through His word and for you to think for yourself.

Can I listen to Christian songs?

Yes, you can. However, remember that the purpose of the Fast is for you to connect with God and meditate on your spiritual life. If you are constantly listening to songs, that leaves very little space for you to think about your spiritual life.

Can I visit the SiLC website?

Yes. During this Fast, we will post daily messages for your spiritual growth. You can also visit the following blogs that will have messages tailored for this purpose of faith: Bishop MacedoEster BezerraRenato CardosoCris Cardoso, David Higginbotham and Evelyn Higginbotham.

What should I read?

Above it all, we encourage you to read your Bible everyday little by little, meditating on it. We have an article to help: How to read the Bible. You can also read the books of Faith based on the Word of God available at the Succeed in Life Center.