Preparing to become a V-Woman
The V-Woman group is a sisterhood created for women above 30. It's tailored to care for mature women with husbands, families and careers who have different concerns than the younger girls fresh out of school. If you're of age 30 or better, you won't want to miss out on this!

What is it?

A unique group to support and challenge women of faith, 30 years of age or better.

The woman in Proverbs 31 was God’s ideal for all of us; the woman whose worth was far beyond rubies. The value of a woman today is judged by standards far below those of God’s Word. Our mission is to raise women of faith back to the level of honor, beauty and strength that God intended for us all. Through the challenges of leaving behind old habits, and launching out into new ways of thinking, behaving and believing, the V-Woman will become an example of how God’s ways can transform us into women of Godly influence in our homes, workplaces and communities.

How will it help me?
A V-Woman loves the fact that she was created as a woman, and embraces her femininity with a godly understanding of submission and gentleness. This goes against our fleshly nature to control and be in charge. Understand that your trainers will be challenging you to shed those old habits to take on God's ways. No one becomes a V-Woman without these crucial changes, and only those who truly dedicate themselves to the tasks and training will see the fruit of their efforts.

The journey to become a V-Woman will require courage and strength, but be sure that you will always be surrounded by loving encouragement, prayer and the faith of your trainers and sisters along the way. You'll never be alone!

Speak to the pastor's wife at your church for more information about this.

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