by Hayley & Michael DiMarco

This book has a solid message about dating. Here are five focused aspects from the author:

Why date? - With purpose of a life commitment and not a trial version;
Taking care of the temple - Relating to appearance, being overweight and involvement in physical activities;
Dating is not marriage - Common mistakes couples make when dating, i.e, spending too much time together, combining their finances, revealing prematurely every aspect of their personal life before the relationship is solid;
Live your life - Leaving family, friends, Church commitments and dedicating oneself solely to the boyfriend or girlfriend; suffocating the relationship; losing one's personality and waving scheduled plans.
Do not date your idol - If the boyfriend or girlfriend relates to one another as if one is the hero in their life; completing and comforting each other in such a way that God has become secondary; and if one is led to oppose God's Commands and is subjected primarily to the partner's wishes - all of these are sins.

The author is radical on some truths which are quickly overseen by youngsters today as if to give credit to the opinion of  family and friends, spiritual leaders regarding one's relationship.

Marcia Pires


lastsineaterThe Last Sin Eater
by Francine Rivers

Even though I read this book many years ago, I still remember its plot until today.

The story revolves around a girl who feels guilty for a tragedy for which she feels blamed for. In feeling accused by her whole family, she embarks on a journey to find forgiveness, but doesn't know where or how to look for it.

This book is excellent for people who feel guilty about something they did in the past and who can't forgive themselves. Touching on the subjects of sin, repentance and forgiveness, it makes people realize the true meaning of forgiveness and how to find it for themeselves.

Raphaela Castro

lineagegraceLineage of Grace
by Francine Rivers

I've always searched for women in the Bible who stood out either because of what they did or simply because of who they were and although the Bible does mention many of them, there aren't many details about how they lived their lives.

In "A Lineage of Grace", Francine Rivers tells in details the story of 5 women who not only did extraordinary things, but also lived by faith; women who didn't look at their past, their mistakes, their weaknesses, lack of opportunities or even how many times they were despised by their own society. All of them have one thing in common, they were found worthy to be part of the genealogy of Jesus. This is definitely a must read!

Raphaela Castro


timetodanceA Time to Dance
by Karen Kingsbury

I really enjoyed reading this book because although the story is about a long time married couple getting a divorce, it shows how complicated we women can be. How often we want men to assume what is going on and guess how we feel. While it also shows how some men crave for some attention and will believe anything a woman will tell him.

Cristiane Cardoso

redeeming_loveRedeeming Love
by Francine Rivers

I came across this book twice over two trips and in two years. This friend of mine likedto take her time reading novels and so I noticed that she was reading the same bookas she had done the previous year when we met in a trip. I got curious about the book,though I at that time, I wasn't quite a novel fan yet. She was loving the book and assoon as she finished reading it, I begged her to lend it me. I was intrigued to see howclose she felt with the book and unwilling to just give it to me instead of lending it.

To cut a long story short, I read the book in three days. I absolutely loved it. The storyis so powerful that though it's a fiction, you can certainly see it happening anyway. If Ican summarize it in one sentence, it would be how different is the way God sees us, nomatter who we are - completely unexpected and it will bring tears to your eyes. I startedreading novels because of this book and to be honest with you, I haven't found anyother that would come even close to as good as this. I'm still looking though.

Cristiane Cardoso

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