We call people annoying when they have an importune and unpleasant behavior whilst interacting with others. The kind which is inconvenient and inappropriate.

There are certain people who are “chronic annoyance” patients, but most only suffer with a few sporadic episodes. Unfortunately, in both cases, the person doesn’t realize it.

Outsiders realize this easily, but the bearer of annoyance is the last one to know.

So, if you have doubts on whether or not you’re extremely annoying, analyze the situations below and see if you identify with some of them. If you fall into one or more of them, it’s good to treat it, meaning, fix it immediately!

  • Complains about life, work, traffic, family, church… Basically, they’re complainers on duty, anything is a reason to start pointing out the negative sides of things, their eyes cannot focus on the positive.
  • Only you are right, and because of this you defend your point of view and try to convince others that they are wrong. Listening to others is not your forte!
  • Your topics are always the same. May there be patience to endure!
  • You’re always curious and don’t control your inconvenience, to the point of blurting out inappropriate questions about salaries, intimacy, love life, etc.
  • You like to give a “moral lesson” to people and don’t even bother to do it privately.
  • You like to talk about the defects that people want to hide, like the pimple on the nose, protruding ears, the mole that is growing; the dark circles that everyone knows would look perfect on a panda, and the stomach that looks swollen…

The list of annoying things is enormous! That’s why I’m asking that you give tips on how to avoid the evils of annoyances that have been growing in our days!

I was born in the interior side of Minas (Brazil) and I like things simple, wise and practical like the Mineiro’s. Know that, the interior of each state and country has their own characteristics, and can teach us a lot.

If you have roots from the interior, you know very well certain sayings: small talk; or stop for a coffee break; take care of the friend who had a babe; take some fruits harvested by foot to your neighbor…

Today with the growth in urban places, everyone has changed their habits a lot, we don’t even know who our neighbors are anymore.

Have you ever seen a good idea that’s really difficult to execute? That is, until someone comes and simplifies things making it easier to execute – the results of course, will be a success.

This is how life is as well. We’re complicating things too much and losing the joy of living.

I know that each of you has a concept of what is simple and good. Mine has nothing to do with education, clothes or financial status. Simple people for me are those that are good to be with.

  • They don’t make a storm in a cup of water, they use their energy to do things.
  • They don’t only see the flaws in others.
  • They give new opportunities to those who have failed.
  • They live without prejudice: no one has what I need, you just have to ask the fat guy, the old guy, the black guy, the housewife, the single mom… and we see how they suffer.
  • They don’t live to impress others or call attention to themselves.
  • They’re accessible, they don’t have a wall around themselves, without a “don’t touch me” attitude.

Each day I understand more why the Lord Jesus said that we should be like children:

  • They’re unable to hold grudges.
  • They run and ask for help when they need it.
  • They trust in their parents and throw themselves at them with closed eyes.
  • They’re able to see the same movie and hear the same joke many times without complaining.
  • They don’t spend the whole time distrusting people.

Living with complicated people is unpredictable and difficult. Be careful not to be like this!

Beauty to me is to be simple, and this is the way to enjoy life to the fullest.

And to you, to be beautiful is…?

1. You panic.

You start crying seeing yourself in that situation, you call a friend to tell her the bad news, update your Facebook status letting everyone know about your state of mind at that moment. It’s normal for you to have an emotional reaction to an unexpected problem, but in the case of someone who “panics” this reaction persists. Sadness sets off anxiety, which soon leaves the person depressed and they begin to complain and doubt everything. The consequence follow quickly. They no longer sleep well at night,  begin to take tranquilizers to be able to work, they lose hunger, or on the contrary, start eating uncontrollably and many other problems begin to develop as a consequence of the first reaction, panicking.

2. You give everything in God’s hands.

The moment you receive negative information you are saddened, but right away you make a prayer, thinking: “I don’t know how to solve this problem, so I’m going to hand it over to God and wait for Him to solve it for me.” “He is seeing everything I’m going through, soon He will do something about it.” As a good Christian, as a way of showing your trust, you think that it is what He wants you to do. And usually that is nothing more than laziness in disguised!

I’ve been there and can speak from experience. I thought the problem was out of my reach and that all I could do was trust and God would take me out from that situation. But even when we have a right to something that is in the law, for example, we need to make use of it in order to benefit from it! God’s promises work the same way. Most of the time when we have this reaction we are being lazy to act our faith.

The only reaction that really brings a solution to the problem is the following:

3. You act intelligently.

You may even be sad, upset and in some cases confused but only at first. Right away you put your faith into practice, thinking: “No problem, I will not leave it at that. I’m going to fight, I will not stop, I will start looking for ways to change this right now.” Unfortunately, very few people have this reaction!

So, if you want to conquer, you have to face up the problem. You can’t give up on your goals or be sentimental about every difficulty. Trusting in God is to believe that He is in the lead. But for this to happen you need to follow on!

There is one thing I want you to understand about us MEN.

When you post half-naked pictures on Facebook, making a sexy pose, showing cleavage, or laying seductively on the bed, the only thing you’re making us men feel is a sexual desire for you.

I know that you’ll probably enjoy the 500 likes and 120 comments you’ll get from cute guys and let’s not forget the countless private messages, which will make you feel like posting more pictures to feel like you are on top of the world.

BUT THERE IS A VERY IMPORTANT THING YOU MUST KNOW. In reality, none of the guys who like, comment or send you private messages love you. All they really want is to use you and then discard you. To be sincere, they hate you, none of them would take you home to be their wife. Believe me, for them, you’re no more than a call girl looking for cheap popularity on Facebook.

Men, wealthy or poor, admire women that dress with decency and respect themselves. A modest attire, that doesn’t reveal your body much, leads us to love and respect you. It shows us that you are a virtuous woman, someone we can take home to be our wife and the mother of our children. It shows us that you were raised with good principles and gives us details of a good family history.

We don’t really care about excessive amounts of make-up… a woman that’s good enough to be a wife always excels, it doesn’t matter what.

Value your body, be real, respect yourself, and a good man that will respect you will find you one way or another.

If you’re in your teens and twenties, know that all the abuse you may be putting your bodies through right now will come back to bite you some day! Excessive junk food, poor sleep habits, yo-yo dieting, refusal to exercise, skipping medical and dental checkups… it’s all building up in your system. And even if you think you’re just fine, it’s going to wreak havoc when you don’t expect it, unless you make some drastic changes now. “But I live by faith!” Good for you. So let’s add some intelligence to that faith!


When a woman reaches menopause, how she’s treated her health until then starts to show in all the aches, pains, bloating, insomnia, hot flashes, weight gain and high blood pressure and more. Either that, or she just gracefully ages, depending on how well she’s cared for herself. God created all women to be able to smoothly transition into menopause without all the drama that so many of us go through! How?


On top of our kidneys are two tiny adrenal glands. They make adrenaline, and cortisol, the hormones that flood our bodies with energy when we need a boost of strength, like when an accident happens or when something fearful shocks us, or even if we’re forced to stand in front of a crowd and speak, or any other situation where we feel even a little bit threatened. They get our hearts pumping, tighten our stomachs, and tense our muscles so we can either run or face the threat. These little glands also make the exact same hormones that our ovaries make as well: estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone. These are our lovely lady hormones that keep us soft, happy, feminine, alert and clear minded to multitask as moms, wives, daughters, employees, bosses, counselors, teachers, cleaners, cooks and everything else women often do every day. God bless ‘em!


So when our ovaries slow down their hormone production, our menopause journey begins (usually around 30 or 35, even though hardly any change is noticeable at that stage). Our adrenal glands are supposed to gradually take over to keep us balanced and healthy even though estrogen levels are slowly dropping. By the time we reach our 50s, we transition from being fertile women with the potential to bear multiple healthy babies, into mature women who no longer produce eggs and no longer have any need for monthly periods. Ideally, our adrenal glands keep all our changing hormones at an even balance, enabling us to gracefully age, and finally be able to accomplish many more tasks for God because our children are grown, our marriages are stable, and our experiences have made us wiser and able to serve Him in a way we never could before. Menopause is supposed to be a wonderful, enjoyable phase of life!

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