Evelyn Higginbotham

mrseprofileI met my husband-to-be while attending Rutgers University and feeling terrified of graduating and being out on my own.  I never dreamed that he would ever be interested in me, and when he proposed on our first date, I was over the moon!


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mrscrisprofile Cristiane Cardoso

I grew up keeping loads of different diaries - daily diaries and ‘angst ridden' diaries. My hardships were usually best met when I put them down on paper. Through my writing, I felt closer to God and often felt better and relieved. I guess the lonely times were to my advantage, because I ended up acquiring the habit of writing the very things I could not express with my lips.

I was raised a missionary's daughter with no planned out future, no permanent home, no life-long friends, an unusual family life, which was fine for me because we were a team. My parents spent a lot of time helping us understand the kind of sacrificial life we lived... 


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