I love you... Seriously – A lesson in a nutshell

inanutshellIt was a full house, and the YPG Performing Arts Group in Houston captivated the audience with, I love you... Seriously! - The Musical. The story exposed the reality of what goes on when teens get tangled up in what they imagine is love. The story of one boy and one girl who wanted so badly to be cool and fit in, made one fateful decision – a decision that changed the course of their lives. Dancing, singing, comedy, drama, "Awww" moments, and a few surprises all came together to create this riveting performance.

After the applause, Pastor Renato gave an eye-popping talk on being smart about love.  It wasn't your typical pastor's talk, to be sure! He explained that three things have to be understood before a teen even considers love: first the physical changes; second, the emotional changes, and the third... well the third he'll only reveal next Sunday! Love has nothing to do with "feeling" anything.  Real love is tough, and comes from a commitment. It can be found in the middle of the hardships, differences and struggles of a married couple as they pull together and overcome. In a nutshell, ignorant guys and girls think with their... impulses, to put it mildly. But the smart ones think with their brain.

leeanneLeeanne Ledesma, who had become a single mother at a young age, shared her story of both shame and victory as she turned to God. Needing to heal the deep wounds of rejection and low-self esteem, Leeanne did whatever she could to become like the "popular" girls in school. She lived to hear the words, "I love you," even if they were only lies. At thirteen she was having sex and at fourteen was pregnant. An immature, high school dropout, Leeanne was clueless about the great responsibility of raising a child, and sadly chose partying and drugs as she abandoned her baby to her mother's care. Today Leeanne is still a young mother, but now a good, loving and responsible one, as she follows in God's direction and teaches her daughter to do so as well. She warned, "If you're not smart about love, you'll end up hurting yourself."

Want to be smart about love? What does the opposite sex really think about? 

Join the movement and be smart about love!

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