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What is your intention?

Many young people get frustrated when they stop to think about how long it’s taking for them to receive the Holy Spirit. They pray and fast, but for some reason, it’s just not happening.

The Holy Spirit wants to live in you even more than you want Him to, but the biggest obstacle to receiving Him is the intention of your heart. When a person’s intentions differ from God’s, she can make a thousand prayers but God will still not give him His Spirit because she only wants Him for selfish reasons. God knows when a person’s heart really wants Him and when it doesn’t.  

"If you are not 100% serious with God, how do 
you expect Him to be 100% serious with you?"

You should not underestimate what God wants to do in your life. In the Bible, and throughout history, small groups of people made the difference, and often, a single man or woman. Compared to others you may know very little about God, but as long as you believe in His calling and commit yourself to Him, He will not only give you His Spirit but also use you greatly.

There are many youths who were once called by God. However, because they were not ready to let go of the worldly life, they missed the opportunity of being greatly used by Him. Many have heard the word of God, and even began to make small changes to their lives. To others, they appeared to be the perfect youth of God. However, because they were not ready to truly commit themselves to God, they ended up stuck, confused and without direction. Some are at this moment struggling as single parents, others behind bars. These are real facts.

The YPG is all about regaining control of your life through faith and a personal relationship with God. But if you are not 100% serious with God you should not expect much.The Holy Spirit is ready to bring you true life, but your intentions count for everything. Will you only realise this when it’s too late?

Pr Luke Castro
real talk meeting

Piercing & Tattoos



Last “Real Talk” meeting, we spoke about the real reason behind young adult’s need to pierce and tattoo their body. Many mentioned they were under peer pressure, others simply wanted to fit in. One youth who had a piercing in his tongue, which he only put to please his friends, had to take it off after the pain became too excruciating while he ate. Another young girl said that she had 3 piercings on each ear because she saw others with the same style so she thought "Why can't I?". Unfortunately many youths now a days think this is just a ``style``, a way to express themselves. The thoughts ``There's nothing wrong with it``, ``Everyone is doing it, why should I have to be the one left out? ``. When young adults are told piercing and tattoos, in many areas of their body, are an abomination to God, some simply say they don’t believe in God, others say ``This is the 21st century, that was written in the Old Testament; things changed". Take a look at the verse below and think before arriving to a conclusion.


`` You shall not make any cuttings in your flesh for the dead, nor tattoo any marks on you: I am the Lord." 

                                                                     Leviticus 19:28


Yes, this was written in the Old Testament, so was the verse below: 


`` Do not prostitute your daughter, to cause her to be a harlot…``


                                                                 Leviticus 19:29


So if you accept the fact that yes, prostitution is bad but tattoos and any cuttings in your body (piercings) are not, think! Don’t just act by the impulse of your emotions, of your heart. Yes women can have a piercing in their ear; back then it was a custom for women to have piercings just like it was a custom to have many children. However it started to get out of hand when piercings no longer became a custom but became a ``fashion statement`; when they began to have piercings in their mouth, nose, and tongue. So if you young man or woman think that this is OK, you’re not only messing with your body but you’re putting at risk your salvation. Obey the word of God and follow its commandments. Think with your mind not with your heart; why not stand out? Be different. Don't follow the crowd. 

real talk meeting

Queen Esther

real talk meeting


Real talk meeting

apostle paul vs steve jobs part I & II

Part I

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Part II

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