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Q: I have a half-sister who is 24 and she has just brought up an incident that happen when she was little. She told us my dad molested her. He denies the accusation. I'm confused. I don't who is telling the truth.

A. Its indeed a very disturbing situation. Undoubtedly one of them is lying. You can't judge who, as only God knows our innermost feelings and intentions. If you are not careful, you'll develop a grudge or hatred towards one of them when truth comes to light. You know, life is tough on us sometimes. Situations or events like this one sometimes come from nowhere and hits you hard, almost knocking off your feet. The only way to deal with it is to cling on to the Holy Spirit and ask Him to give the strength to forgive whoever the perpetrator might be at the end. He will comfort your heart and keep it safe, away from any feelings that might potentially lead you to do something that you will certainly regret later.












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