Many women think that they will only be happy if they get married; get their dream job; have children or live a life of luxury. Others find that joy is impossible to achieve or when it happens, it vanishes quickly. Many are stuggling about what truly brings joy to their inner-being, but the truth is that there is a joy that does not depend on anything external ... nor it can be obtained from friends, family, success or material goods ... it's a joy that is born within each of us!

On the 25th of October, you can have this experience through the opportunity of joining us in a completely different feast! The Feast of the Tabernacles is a Jewish celebration where families forgo the comfort of their homes and settle in tents to relive the days when their ancestors lived in the desert and yet God supplied their needs, not letting them lack anything!

Do not miss the THIRD Feast of the Tabernacles, sponsored by the Godllywood group. 






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