Making Anger Work in Katy

Anger can be unlearned with the practice of straightforward anger management techniques. Many times, by simply changing the way you view situations and people, anger can be controlled and rechanneled.

Uncontrolled anger is not like height or eye color –it's not an unchangeable trait you were born with.

We can break the habit of bad anger and develop healthy, productive ways to react to situations.

Don't believe the lie: "This is just the way I am." 
 seriousHas your spouse, family, boss or even a judge suggested that you get anger management help?

If so, you would be wise to take their advice, and do it quickly. Uncontrolled anger is not something to be underestimated–it is dangerous and destructive

You need down-to-earth, practical, clear help that you can start applying to your life right away. You need results!


Are you tired of this?

  • Anger regularly causes you to do things you later REGRET
  • You keep HURTING those around you
  • People AVOID you because of things you've said and done
  • You have run-ins with the POLICE
  • You physically HARM others or yourself
  • People regularly feel THREATENED by you or are afraid of you
  • RELATIONSHIPS don't last - partner always complains about you
  • ROAD RAGE causes you to place yourself and others in danger
  • A desire for REVENGE, unforgiveness and grudges seem impossible to put aside
  • You keep a mental list of PEOPLE'S WRONGS
  • Outbursts of anger cause HEADACHES, difficulty sleeping, high blood pressure or digestive problems

This anger management counseling covers important Making Anger Work concepts like:
  • How to know you have an anger problem
  • What is a rageaholic, and are you one?
  • How to take control of anger, quickly and permanently, and turn it around to your own advantage
  • Stopping the addiction of anger
  • Emotions cannot be trusted – developing calm, rational attitudes at home, on the job and on the road
  • The connection between anger and addictive tendencies
  • Identifying the triggers to your anger – a powerful key to anger management
  • Anger & balance: holding it in, expressing it, being out of control
  • Techniques to anger management – how to break the habit of bad anger
  • Setting boundaries – making it easier on yourself
  • Communication and anger management – avoiding common traps
  • Anger: denial, scapegoating, personal accountability
  • What is the point of "ENOUGH!"
  • What is good anger?
  • What to do after the course

This down-to-earth, results-driven anger management counseling not only fulfills court ordered anger management course requirements, it also WORKS! Many have benefitted from its clear, straightforward style and have shocked family, friends, coworkers and neighbors with their new attitudes and behavior.
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Choose not to be angry. Let us help you.


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