womanqaQ. My 25 year old daughter is head-over-heels in love with a man from another country who barely speaks English. He is overly generous with her – he even paid off a large credit card balance that would have taken years for her to pay. Now he asked her to marry him and gave her an enormous engagement ring. I am convinced that he just wants to marry and dump her to get his green card. She is angry that I want to ruin her happiness.

A. Technically your daughter is an adult and has the right to choose who she marries and what she does with her life. Yet as her mother, you have an ability to pray for and influence your daughter as a loving counselor and mentor. If you are certain that this is his motive for marrying her, then pray strongly to bind up the spirit of deceitfulness that wants to harm her. Prayers of authority over evil are more effective than you may realize. Minds and hearts can change just by God sending light into the dark corners of people's lives, and this is something you definitely need to do. If in fact the young man has the best of intentions and is the right man for your daughter, your prayers will reveal that too. This is not the time for complaining or protesting, because that will drive her away from you. Pray and fight this possible problem wisely with faith. Encourage them to come in to SiLC for some marriage counseling and perhaps God can use that to help clear up the air.

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