woman1Q. My sister lets her boyfriend sleep over on weekends, but our mom doesn't know. He climbs in the window and I can hear them from my room. She's older than me and can be really mean so I don't bother her or say anything, mostly because my mom would scream at us both if she knew. Am I doing the wrong thing?

A. It's your mother's house, she is the parent, and you are to respect her. In short, the answer is, yes, you are doing the wrong thing. It seems that your motivation not to do the right thing is fear of being yelled at first by your sister, and then by your mom. Making choices just to save your skin are never right. Making choices because you know that God wants you to, gives you the right to ask for His wisdom and guidance, and for Him to work in the hearts and minds of everyone involved so that you are not treated unfairly. Pray against the spirits of anger and trust that God will bless you for choosing Him first. Pray also that your sister will understand that honesty and respect for your mom are more important than your personal desires.

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