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gethimtonoticeIf your husband is always busy with everything and everybody else but you... if in order to receive some affection from him, you have to ask for it... if you feel that you're not as important to him as you were in the first years of your marriage... here's some good news, you can totally change this marriage if you want to! Read on.

Men are not that hard to understand. If we only take time to notice their behavioural patterns, we would know them better than their own mothers know them!

The first thing you need to do is admit that whatever you've been doing is not working, because if it were, you wouldn't be having this problem in your marriage; in fact, you'd be teaching others how it's done!

Many women want changes in their marriages but they're not willing to change themselves - as if they're not part of the marriage. This is the top secret of any happily married woman: we are the first to change.

In light of this, look at yourself and at your behaviour, and see where you need to change. Usually, it's that thing you do that always gets him mad. For some (if not most) husbands, it's the lack of respect. Men hate disrespect and if you want to single handily destroy your marriage, that's how you can do it.

For other wives, it may be their close relationship with their relatives or their constant nagging about finances or children or even quality time with the family. Sure these things are important but they can certainly be dealt with in a pleasant and peaceful way.

Recognize the things you do that have drawn your husband away, then change. This may take a few days or weeks, but as long as you do your best to change, you'll get there and your husband will start noticing these changes too.

After that, you can run for the Hollywood hug! Your husband will start doing everything you've always wanted him to do and you'll be surprised how automatic this will be - I was!

In faith,

Cristiane Cardoso





The Bold and Beautiful

boldandbeautiful"Now just look at that... a brand new spot the size of a pea right in the middle of my forehead! Where did it come from? Was it that tiny piece of chocolate I ate yesterday evening when nobody was looking? If so, then that's just not fair! I'm always starving myself to fit into a smaller pair of jeans and then one petty but pleasurable taste of something is enough to ruin my whole face..."

This is a typical problem that most of us have. If it's not our weight, it's our skin, or our hair, or the right clothes and shoes. Everything that has anything to do with our appearance is a huge matter.

If only the results were as good as the effort we make... Imagine if we kept a record of the money we've spent on improving our looks. We would definitely understand why beauty companies are so successful. And if only all the effort and time we spend really did the job... The thing is that we're never satisfied; never beautiful enough, no matter how perfect we look.

I tell you, just give up on that 'dream of perfection'. That's right; give up hoping that one day you'll look exactly how you've always dreamed, because it's just never going to happen.

The minute you achieve what you wanted with your hair, lose those excess pounds, and wear the clothes you've always dreamed about, you will still believe that there's more to be done! Then you'll try going for surgery, botox, and other treatments. But still, you won't be satisfied. So just give up already!

We can only be completely satisfied when we have more going for us than our looks, when our looks come as part of a whole package—including the interior design—if you know what I mean. What good is it to have a beautiful house with a remarkable garden that is overlooking a gorgeous sea front, if the insides of the house are dirty, broken, vandalized, and home to all kinds of disgusting creatures and insects?

You can look really great, but what about when you start talking, do you still look great then? Or what about your reaction to difficult situations, do you still have that amazing look about you then? Your interior is what really matters. That's where your main investment should be.

Interior investment does wonders for us because our nature is so corrupt with our daily selfishness and emotional outbursts.

But when your conscience is clean, your intentions are right, and your willingness to sacrifice and make a difference in the world is evident, then people look up to you. They admire you, they want to be like you, they want to be married to someone like you, and they want to be a parent like you.

It's not that you shouldn't take care of your appearance, but get your priorities right. First work on your interior, so that when you're all dressed up and someone starts speaking to you, they find that you are not only beautiful, but also very pleasant and charming to be with.

And you know what? Men that are ready for commitment are looking for this kind of woman. They've met 'the bold and the beautiful', but they still haven't found the woman who not only looks good and makes them happy, but who is also complete and fulfilled.

In faith,

Cristiane Cardoso




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