Wondering around the house, feeling empty and bored, opening the fridge and finding absolutely nothing good enough to eat, sitting at the couch and feeling guilty for not having done the things you were meant to do today, including the exercise. But who can blame you, you feel low today for some reason. The sky is grey, but that doesn’t seem to be the reason you’re not in the mood… what is it then? What can you say about yourself that can shed some light as to why you feel so useless today?

Most women go through monthly phases, that is, just like the moon, her hormones change so much in one month that she can even make the mistake of thinking she’s not alright spiritually. That is an unfortunate fact. You’re a woman and you haven’t even seen it all, wait ‘til you get to menopause. Men can hardly understand these phases and often judge women as too this or too that.

As much as it’s a fact about the hormones giving us a hard time every month, we have to be honest to acknowledge that it can drive anyone crazy! The mood swings, the emotional tantrums, and much more can be very frustrating not only to its victims, who are usually those living in the same house, but also to the woman herself. Every time she loses control of her emotions and attitudes, guiltiness is all that surround her. And for what, to do it all over again next time?

There’s a way to change all of this.

I’m sure that God is not pleased when we are rude to those we love or bored of life for no reason – as a matter of fact; the latter must deeply hurt Him.

It’s not a new medication or pill in the market. It’s not a new therapy or exercise in the gym. It’s the power within you to decide you’ve had enough of it and you’ll simply decide that this monthly burden will have to stop giving you so many problems.

And how to do that? Use your faith.

Yes, faith is to be used in every difficult and impossible situation. I believe this can easily be one of them for a woman. Decide and use your faith towards it. You know this obstructs the usual days almost 50% of the month – Thanks to Eve. Any way, concentrate on those days of the month and pray. Pray when you wake up, pray in the middle of the day, pray whenever you remember for God to help you have control of your attitudes and emotions.

Then get busy. Don’t allow yourself to feel and entertain the whole troublesome mood by sitting on the couch and just watching TV the whole day – that is what you used to do and should be what you will not do from now on. Be in control of your day, take more showers that day, if you feel lousy, but don’t do the usual ‘give me a break’ attitudes. One nice hint that works every time is to wake up, take a nice shower, and get yourself ready for a beautiful day – that is, look smart and beautiful, even if you’ll stay home the whole day.


By: Evelyn Higginbotham



Have you noticed that you are a very different creature from men? Not just the way you look, but the way you feel about life, the future, problems around you? You are like an alien compared to them, and that’s because men have no idea what it’s like for us to go through our constant roller-coaster of hormones with all the feelings they stimulate.

Researchers have found that from the moment a girl begins to menstruate, a surge of hormones floods various areas in her brain every month of her life. This does much more than affect her periods, it affects her thoughts and feelings. These areas of the brain are related to fear, anxiety, desire for affection, sensitivity to approval or disapproval. Without healthy family relationships or a strong relationship to God, we can become a walking time bomb, ready to explode or implode at a moment’s notice.

“Me? Unstable? Unpredictable? But I’m mature! I am a virtuous woman!”

You may say… Well, good for you, but you may be oblivious to the whole ordeal your physical body goes through and haven’t made the connections between the physical and the emotional. You don’t know what it’s like NOT to live with these surges inside of you, so you’ve adjusted the best you can.

Even so, you may find that you get irritable with people or situations when you know better than to be that way. You may feel upset with yourself because you struggle with wanting more approval, even though you know that you should do it all for God, but can’t help feeling a little dejected when no one thanks you or praises you for your efforts. It’s embarrassing to admit you have these feelings, so you do your best to keep it to yourself and you rebuke your selfish nature, and try your hardest to get over these emotions. They may disappear for a while, but the next incident that threatens your sense of security comes along and those old emotions rush right in, and your internal fight starts all over again.  Sometimes you handle it well, and sometimes the fight gets a little out of hand and spills over onto others, which makes you feel even worse about yourself. But this is part of our daily fight to purify our faith and to strengthen our character, and God knows that “we are dust.” (Psalm 103:14)

Age and experience, spirituality and many years of practicing self-control, are major factors involved in maturing our very emotional and insecure female nature. But God graciously allows us to experience a physical change as well, which helps us to become far more stable and emotionally strong: menopause. You knew I would eventually get to that, didn’t you!? Believe me, society has twisted the image of menopause to mean everything negative about a woman. But there is a huge blessing of calm, stability, and strength that comes when those hormones stop raging around inside of us. We can finally be constant and consistently focused on our goals. There is no better time in your life than when those out-of-control hormones finally subside and you can be YOU!!

Next week we’ll talk about all the wonderful blessings that come with that stage of life that you can happily look forward to. Believe me, in the Kingdom of God, everything is upside down – even menopause is a blessing!

By: Evelyn Higginbotham



You know when your day seems to be like the wheel of a windmill and the more you talk, the less you’re understood, the more you walk, the less further you get? Things around you are revolving, but you get the impression that at any moment you’ll lose control of everything in life, including yourself. That’s right, it happens to me too. Sometimes we just feel like throwing everything up in the air and saying, “forget it!”

You give yourself a list of things to do but then can’t seem to get anything done. It’s like that beautiful handbag you bought. You put things into it until it loses shape; and worse, it gets so cluttered that you can’t even seem to find anything. Then you start hating it, as if the handbag were the problem, when in fact you’re the one that got it cluttered!

Your intentions are always good. To get everything done, do more for yourself and others. Take a major step towards achieving your goal of the year. The problem is, with all the stress that builds from the daily rush, you do exactly the opposite. You don’t get anything done, and you end up upsetting others and yourself. Then who do you blame? Time of course. Time is not enough. Time is always running out. Time doesn’t give you a break…

We must see time as that handbag. It has its limits.

As much as I know about this subject and even written about it hundreds of times, I still find myself in an unfair battle against time every now and again; so one of my habits is to stop everything I’m doing and review my priorities.

I would love to do everything I was asked to do, but it’s not possible; so, for the good of Cris’ nation, I limit myself to what can be done – annoying right? Yes, but who said being Wonder Woman is realistic?

The women I admire most in the world are not wondrous but real. They are good to me. After all, what good is it for you to do so much and hurt your family and friends? If those in your own home, who know you better than anyone, don’t admire you, then what’s the point of doing all you do?

Stop everything and decide on your daily priorities. It’s not the end of the world, if you don’t do all that you had to do. And even though you may feel like you don’t deserve taking time for yourself, think with me: if you do not have time for yourself, who will? There are things in life that only we can do for ourselves… in fact, it’s because of this fault that many women are constantly stressed – they don’t take care of themselves!

Girls, I know we want to get everything done, but let’s not do this at the expense of our relationships and ourselves – it’s better to not do everything and be pleasant than to do everything and be unpleasant.



Today I will tell you the story of a young girl named Esther. She was an orphan, immigrant, completely inexperienced and alone. She had “every right” to be rebellious, had reasons to blame God and everyone around her but she did not, on the contrary she was a young woman who feared God.

Raised by her uncle after the death of her parents, she was humble to submit herself to him as a daughter. But at the time the king wanted to get married and took all the virgins of his kingdom to the palace for him to choose one as the queen.

Once she was taken to the palace, Esther won everyone over right away.  She was the kind of person that you simply like… Her beauty was not only physical like the other young women in the kingdom, and that is why she was chosen among hundreds of women to marry the king.

Her beauty was different form the others — it was an inner beauty. Do you know what that is?

When a woman has this inner beauty, it draws attention. Bu not the bad kind of attention, not the same attention all the other women receive but one that is more like admiration.

Ladies, if we want to stand out, instead of staying long hours working out at the gym or spending lots of money on plastic surgery and treatments, how abut working on our inner self?

Any woman can be beautiful on the outside but a woman who is beautiful from the inside out is rare, and yes, she stands out. There is a mystery behind her look that captivates anyone.

Let’s meditate on the following verse:

Do not let your adornment be merely outward—arranging the hair, wearing gold, or putting on fine apparel.

Let’s be clear, it’s not bad to groom yourself but the real accessory is not your hairstyle, your accessories or your outfits.

Rather let it be the hidden person of the heart, with the incorruptible beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit, which is very precious in the sight of God.

How many beautiful women end up looking ugly because of their ugly behavior… women who are nervous, who talk back, who cause problems, who fight, who are vengeful, who yell, who are rebellious, and are bossy…!

For in this manner, in former times, the holy women who trusted in God also adorned themselves, being submissive to their own husbands, as Sarah obeyed Abraham, calling him lord, whose daughters you are if you do good and are not afraid with any terror.

1 Peter 3:3-6

That’s right ladies, the beauty that comes from God is not in style. Be careful not to be beautiful in the eyes of the world and horrible in the eyes of God and those who know you.



I was thinking … the Lord Jesus always took the opportunities that hay ahead. If someone was sick, He healed them; and even on Saturdays, He never failed to do what was necessary because of religion.

Sometimes you say you want an opportunity, but opportunities don’t come with a label saying,  “I’m an opportunity.” Most often, opportunities come disguised as a problem, or criticism, or even a sour lemon that you have to turn into lemonade!

Imagine a road where cars drive past you at very high speed—so are opportunities. Every day we are given several opportunities, but many people do not realise it! We must see problems as opportunities.

Maybe you just complain about everything and this makes you feel disorientated. How about looking at things from a different perspective? Wanna try it?

During this week, we’ll look at situations in a different way. Every time a problem happens, we’ll think, “What is my opportunity in this situation?”

Instead of focusing on the problems, we’ll look for the opportunities. If we change our way of seeing things, a lot in our life will also change—you can be sure of that.

A big kiss to all.


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