Thus says the Lord: “What injustice have your fathers found in Me, That they strayed so far from Me? Jeremiah 2:5


When you distance yourself from a person who is full of mistakes, it is even understandable, but God, that’s something questionable. I was thinking about why people do it, why they easily leave their faith in Jesus. After asking for some time, an answer that made a lot of sense came…

People only want to see, hear, touch and feel. And that’s not how God works. God is spiritual, to see, hear, touch and feel Him — we can only do this spiritually, by faith.

Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. Hebrews 11:1


You won’t always hear God speak to you, but you have to believe in what He has said. You won’t always see God next to you, but you have to believe that He is.

If you have the kind of faith that does not depend on the five senses, you will never, ever, leave your faith.

In Faith.




Everyone has problems, that’s a fact everyone knows but not everyone knows that there are problems that attract other problems and those problems usually happen within us. This is the case of anxiety.

Anxiety leads people to make wrong decisions that they may even be ashamed of later on. If there was someone who made mistakes in history, no one remembers the mistakes, only of the mess they made wanting to resolve the problem by doing the first thing that came to their mind, because of their anxiety.

Anxiety is harmful for your spirit, be alert!

Here are some steps that may help you deal with anxiety.

First step: understand that this feeling comes to everyone and no one can be permanently free from it. You have to deal with it every time it comes. It would be great to be able to overcome it today and never have to deal with it, but it doesn’t work like that. So be attentive for the symptoms.

Second step: anxiety is a fear and to overcome fear, you have to face it. Let’s say that the thought that you will never find the right person for you comes to mind, how do you go against this thought?  If I don’t find him, he will find me! Doubt your doubts, question your fears – all the time.

Third step: Avoid situations that will provoke anxiety in you. If after watching a romantic movie or listening to love songs makes you feel down, then avoid them. If you have a certain type of friendship, whether in person or virtual that makes you feel stranded or anxious by someone in particular, engage yourself in something different.

Fourth step: The opposite of anxiety is calm, patience, rest and trust. Invest in this. Instead of being sad Saturday night, what about taking a long bath, do a skin treatment, do your nails and sleep early?

Fifth step: a good relationship with God gives you goodness. Look at what His Spirit gives us for free!

But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, longsuffering, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self-control. ( Galatians 5:22 )

I ask, what do you have in your mind to not look for this Divine Wonder???


You gain power like a super hero, but not how to use them all, only with time and experience you learn how to use them — one at a time.

You discover that your enemy is yourself when you get weak through emotions and allow your old nature to control you. You acknowledge that your wins and losses depend on yourself and you stop looking at what you did or did not do. You don’t blame people, the past, culture, place, time and circumstances.

How so? Can someone be born of God besides being born through his or her own mother?

Yes, unfortunately, it is a spiritual miracle that few have had… that is why many people know the right thing to do, want to do it, but fail. Many know the truth, but it doesn’t make any difference in their lives. Many speak about God but don’t truly know Him…


One of the first things that God established after creating man and woman, was marriage. He knew that in order for them to have a relationship with Him, they first needed to learn how to have a relationship with each other.

Just like humans have turned away from God, there has been an increase in the number of short-term relationships between couples. People may even want to be happy in their love life, some even try to do everything the right way, but unfortunately, they don’t know what a loving relationship means in their lives and they end up from one relationship to another…

If the person does not understand that a relationship between a man and woman represents their relationship with God, this person will not have either.

Let us take a look at seven things that are necessary to have a happy and lasting marriage with your spouse and with God:

  1. Sacrifice: Many times we need to sacrifice our own will to make a relationship work. And we have to do the same to have a successful relationship with God. If you are not willing to give up certain things, then you are not willing to be in a relationship with anyone. Sacrifice is not meant to benefit one or the other, but to benefit the relationship itself.
  2. Trust: A relationship does not start nor will it survive without trust. You only marry someone you trust (at least you should!). There is no way you can have a relationship with God if you doubt His character and the fulfillment of His promises. If you want to start and maintain a commitment with Him, then start by trusting in His word, regardless of the circumstances.
  3. Respect: Respect in a marriage means recognizing the importance of space, the other person in your life and within the relationship. You respect your spouse regardless of the differences in opinion, because you recognize that they play a key role in the relationship — a role that you cannot perform. A man does not know how to play the role of a woman, neither does a woman know how to play the role of a man. One needs the other’s abilities to grow as a person and be successful in all aspects. For God to do what we cannot do, we must respect Him, making Him the priority in our lives and recognizing His role and His importance in our lives.
  4. Goals in common: Two people will remain together only if they have the same goals in life. Therefore, we can only be close to God if we have the same goal as He has. What kind of relationship will there be between you and God if He is fighting for something and you for another? Learn what God’s cause is and fight with Him. If you are not on the same team, then you are on opposing teams — there is no middle ground.
  5. Dialogue: The lack of dialogue distances a couple. The same thing happens when we fail to speak to God, we are distancing ourself from Him. Share with God your experiences and difficulties, but listen to what He has to say to you too. This way, He will be able to be part of your life, guide you and help you with anything you need.
  6. Attention: In a marriage the husband needs to give attention to his wife and vice-versa. This means, even while away from our spouse, the person should behave with consideration of the existence of the other and the commitment between the two. At the same time, the fact that God exists should also reflect the behavior and decisions. If we know that we must give an explanation to God regarding our attitudes, then we must behave according to what He established. When you are aware of what God needs and wants from you; you are giving attention to Him. If you really want to have a relationship with God, don’t live as if He did not exist or was not watching everything you do.
  7. Intimacy: The intimacy of a couple is much more than a moment. It begins in the small gestures of care, appreciation, affection and respect. These small things make the intimacy flow naturally. It is no different with God. We can’t want to buy an intimacy with God that is forced or programmed, but it should flow naturally from simple gestures that make all the difference. One gesture is by putting God first in everyday matters, prioritizing your relationship with Him above all your tasks and others. An intimacy with Him comes through a personal experience with His presence — there is nothing more glorious!


If in order to be in a successful relationship with a person all of these things are necessary, imagine our relationship with God! If we work to maintain the presence of someone in our lives, we need to work much more to maintain God’s presence.


I love talking to my friends. We always have a lot to catch up on. When we watch a cool movie or read a new book, we always share our opinion. We share every detail, how we felt about it, and so on …

But when it comes to my husband, I need to do differently… We talk a lot, but I can go into much detail when telling him about something that happened or when I need to explain something. With him, I need to be straightforward and let him ask questions if he wants to know more about it. So instead of making him feel bored, I make him feel interested.

This is where many woman go wrong and it would be good for you to understand about the difference between men and women: men are objective and like to get straight to the point. They lose their interest easily.

The other day, I was watching a couple: the girl talked the whole time and he just listened. He would look around and occasionally nod or say something, clearly uninterested in what she was saying. She seemed to have so much to say that she didn’t even notice the lack his lack of interest, LOL!

So dear, when you meet someone to have a serious commitment, be careful how you talk to him. Be more objective. Perhaps you’ve had several relationships that did not work, so now make sure you don’t act in a way that will scare him away.


Nanda Bezerra

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