I am the vine, you are the branches. He who abides in Me, and I in him, bears much fruit; for without Me you can do nothing. John 15:5

The truth is that many come to the Lord Jesus. Many believe in Him, they surrender to Him in difficult times of their lives and even change certain habits in consideration of what He did for them. The question is, how many of these people have remained in Him?

To remain with the Lord Jesus is no easy task, it requires a daily sacrifice. After sacrificing so much, you have to sacrifice a bit more today and tomorrow and so on until the last day of your life… that’s why He said:

Enter by the narrow gate; for wide is the gate and broad is the way that leads to destruction, and there are many who go in by it. Because narrow is the gate and difficult is the way which leads to life, and there are few who find it. Matthew 7:13-14

Few are the ones who remain in the Lord Jesus, because few want to live sacrificing. Most people start well but little by little they start giving in… God understands how hard it is for me to stay without it… God understands… What matters is my heart… Each one has their faith… Let us not be so radical… The flesh is weak… I have the right to be happy…

And therefore, those who one day gave their lives to the Lord Jesus start taking back their lives… their time… their future… and at first it seems to go well, they start deceiving themselves saying that they are in God’s will until time passes and everything starts to go wrong.

Only those who remain in the Lord Jesus will bear much fruit, the rest live off of steroids.

In faith.

Cristiane Cardoso-

Out of nowhere he ended the relationship with you and now wants to get back together.

He cheated on you and now he wants your forgiveness.

He humiliated you and now says he will never again behave this way with you.

He lied to you and says it was a thing of the past, that now he is different.

You were unappreciated, everyone knows, everyone saw but what about you?

You probably thought that the love you have for him would overcome everything and that with this love, you would win him over in such a way that he would never do anything wrong again, until one day, he did the unexpected…

That’s right friend, you don’t know how to value yourself in a relationship. You know how to value the guy for sure. You value him so much that you even thought about dying for him…

You need to understand one thing about valuing yourself in a relationship — if you don’t value yourself, he will not do so. If you want to stop being cheated on, humiliated, betrayed and rejected, first, you have to stop doing this to yourself… yes, you started this the moment you began a relationship with someone before you learned to have a relationship with yourself.

  • You lie to yourself every time you say one thing and end up doing  something else… Remember the time you said terrible things to him and said you would never forgive him again, except that you got back with him?
  • You humiliate yourself every time you beg him to stay with you… even knowing everything he did, as if you deserved everything he did wrong.
  • You lie to yourself every time you take him back with him simply saying “I’m sorry”. Dear friend, wake up! Anyone can say sorry, even your neighbor’s parrot!
  • You reject yourself every time you tie yourself to this kind of self-destructive relationship. It is as if you don’t have a chance at being happy, and to you he’s the only guy in the world, only that he doesn’t love you.

Do you want to start appreciating yourself? Stop everything, end this relationship now and start one with yourself.

In the Love Therapy, you first learn to have a relationship with yourself and then with someone else. Take part of the Love Therapy meetings on Thursdays at a Universal near you.


Some men wrote that women want men with money. Some women mentioned, character, sincerity, and loyalty… and others were very objective: they want everything.

In fact, a woman doesn’t know what she wants the most from a man.

When a man is sincere, she complains he’s too sensitive. When a man makes good money and is hardworking, she complains that he doesn’t give her enough attention. When a man leaves everything for her to decide, she complains that he doesn’t take initiative. When a man is firm in his decisions, she complains that he is a macho. When a man is sensitive, she complains he is too emotional.

What does she want from him? This is the million dollar question, that makes many men give up trying to please a woman. Yes, they even say that we are too complicated and that it is impossible to please us. They make jokes and even songs about it… but I disagree.

One of our feminine weaknesses is expressing what we want.

When I complained to Renato because he did not go out with me on Saturdays, the truth is that it wasn’t the fact that he did not want to go out with me that made me upset, because when he did go out with me (with a long face), the problem that apparently was being “resolved” did not make me feel better.

We ourselves do not always know what we want. This is a fact, but that doesn’t mean that we are complicated and that there is no way to please us…

To please a woman, it’s not up to a man to know what she wants from him, but she also needs to know what she wants most from him.


Normally when you want to talk about a woman from the Bible, you talk about Sarah, Rebekah, Rachel, Esther, Ruth, and Debora. You rarely hear about Jochebed, actually not at all. That may be because her story is inserted in a bigger story and many people end up focusing on the protagonist Moses, instead of the people who were only a part of his life. Just like today, many people only manage to see those who show themselves, they can’t manage to see the other people who contributed to the story of that man or woman of God.

I identify myself much more with Jochebed than with Moses, she was a mother like me and went through many deserts just because of that…

  • She lived in slavery in Egypt and had to see her children Aaron and Miriam go through all of the humiliation of living a life that they had no control over. If we become anguished when our children take the wrong decisions in life, imagine what she went through to see her children not being able to make any decisions?
  • When Moses was born, she lived in anguish knowing that any moment they could kill her newborn because of Pharaoh’s command… so she hid him until she couldn’t anymore. Instead of enjoying the happy moments with her new baby, Jochebed suffered by having to hide him from everyone.
  • The day came when she had to choose between seeing her son die or put him in God’s hands – literally. She placed him in the Nile River and believed. I also passed through something similar and I can say that there is no greater pain for a mother than to see her child walk away, without knowing where he is going, how he will get on, how he will survive, without any assurance… only the Holy Spirit can sustain us in those hours.
  • She had momentary relief when she received her son back to feed him, but she knew that that time would be short and soon she would have to return him to the princess of Egypt. I can imagine Jochebed telling herself “don’t get attached to this child” with tears in her eyes, hugging him, kissing him, and smelling him the whole time to compensate for the short amount of time that he would be in her arms.
  • Jochebed saw her son being raised from afar, by another woman and among persons that hated his people. She had to see her beloved son adore false gods and live as if she didn’t exist until his adult years. That’s right friends; Moses only left the Palace when he was around 40 years old. Can you think of a longer eternity for a mother?
  • And if that wasn’t enough, Jochebed found out that her son had to flee from Egypt without any news about him for the next 40 years (and even so, she must have died before seeing him return to Egypt because the Bible doesn’t mention her again). Every morning she must have remembered her son and wondered “is he still alive?”

Friends, when we read Moses’ history we don’t think about how much it cost his mother throughout his life. She was a part of the history of a man that was chosen by God to save his people. It wasn’t another random history; he would not be another man, which explains the extent of sacrifice.

Yes, sacrifices have measures.

The greater the plan God has for your life, the greater the sacrifice He will ask of you. The greater the fight, the greater the victory will be. And the greatest of all sacrifices is to trust that God is in control, even when everything is out of control.

Jochebed was not another woman, and neither do I want to be.


There are lots of studies on appearance, and how it matters in the workplace. It seems so unfair that beautiful, tall and slender women make more money than their shorter chubbier counterparts with the same education and degrees. Why is that? Most scientists point to our subconscious human prejudices that automatically assume that a taller and healthier person has more leadership qualities, that a more beautiful woman is more persuasive and therefore a more effective worker. Without even thinking these issues through, people make these assumptions from an area of their brain that is based on instinct, not logic.

While that’s probably true, there are other issues at work as well. For example, how does that attractive woman behave? Is she confident? Does she carry herself differently than the woman who is feeling insecure about her bloated tummy or ankles? What she feels about herself speaks, and it speaks a language that is hard to ignore.

I’m no psychologist, but I’ve seen my behavior change from night to day depending on how I feel about myself. I might blame someone else for not treating me the way I want, but in the end it’s just me and my emotions that dictate my behavior.

If I’m feeling confident, I can walk into a room full of strangers in an interesting conversation and easily add a funny comment with the expectation that the strangers will laugh and appreciate what I have to say. It’s always fun and enjoyable, and brightens the rest of my day. Why did they listen to me? Because I was speaking through my manner and appearance that I was someone who was worth listening to, and they subconsciously believed that message.

I could also walk into a situation where I’m expected to explain something, and feel choked by self-consciousness, freeze or mumble. At that moment, I’m speaking three languages: my mumbling confusing words, my awkward body language, and the way I have chosen my clothes and makeup. I may be the most brilliant person in the room, but if I am proclaiming that I don’t like myself very much in all three languages, it’s highly likely that the people who see me will agree with me subconsciously. They’ll probably smile politely and then forget everything I just said. And why shouldn’t they? I just asked them to through my appearance!

We speak through our appearance and behavior, and though we can’t do anything about the DNA we inherited from our parents, there is much that we can do about making sure we communicate what we want with our body language, our looks and our words. And it’s not just what we communicate to others, it’s what we are saying to ourselves that matters the most.

While interviewing one young girl who wanted to join the Godllywood Group, I asked her why she thought we had guidelines about appearance and dress. She quickly answered that it was because we need to show the world that we’re pretty and not religious prudes. I could tell right there that she had missed the whole point. We encourage women and girls to dress up to bless themselves! We send messages to ourselves that we are women of value, which then affects our behavior that sends the same message to others.

As I said in my last post, investing in my appearance was a very spiritual experience, and I was blessed with a good friend who gave me a push in the right direction. As I took the time to value my body and appearance a funny thing happened to my spirit. I was speaking what my spirit had always wanted to say through the act of investing time and effort in my appearance. My body language changed, my opinions were valued more, and not because I was prettier, but because I was communicating my own value.

For the women who complain about dressing up and how unfair it is that we are judged by appearances, realize that you speak either kindness or contempt to yourself through your choices. So dress well for you, make yourself up for you, do your hair so that the woman inside of you who is strong, happy and intelligent can speak through you in all three languages!



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