We call people annoying when they have an importune and unpleasant behavior whilst interacting with others. The kind which is inconvenient and inappropriate.

There are certain people who are “chronic annoyance” patients, but most only suffer with a few sporadic episodes. Unfortunately, in both cases, the person doesn’t realize it.

Outsiders realize this easily, but the bearer of annoyance is the last one to know.

So, if you have doubts on whether or not you’re extremely annoying, analyze the situations below and see if you identify with some of them. If you fall into one or more of them, it’s good to treat it, meaning, fix it immediately!

  • Complains about life, work, traffic, family, church… Basically, they’re complainers on duty, anything is a reason to start pointing out the negative sides of things, their eyes cannot focus on the positive.
  • Only you are right, and because of this you defend your point of view and try to convince others that they are wrong. Listening to others is not your forte!
  • Your topics are always the same. May there be patience to endure!
  • You’re always curious and don’t control your inconvenience, to the point of blurting out inappropriate questions about salaries, intimacy, love life, etc.
  • You like to give a “moral lesson” to people and don’t even bother to do it privately.
  • You like to talk about the defects that people want to hide, like the pimple on the nose, protruding ears, the mole that is growing; the dark circles that everyone knows would look perfect on a panda, and the stomach that looks swollen…

The list of annoying things is enormous! That’s why I’m asking that you give tips on how to avoid the evils of annoyances that have been growing in our days!

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