I was born in the interior side of Minas (Brazil) and I like things simple, wise and practical like the Mineiro’s. Know that, the interior of each state and country has their own characteristics, and can teach us a lot.

If you have roots from the interior, you know very well certain sayings: small talk; or stop for a coffee break; take care of the friend who had a babe; take some fruits harvested by foot to your neighbor…

Today with the growth in urban places, everyone has changed their habits a lot, we don’t even know who our neighbors are anymore.

Have you ever seen a good idea that’s really difficult to execute? That is, until someone comes and simplifies things making it easier to execute – the results of course, will be a success.

This is how life is as well. We’re complicating things too much and losing the joy of living.

I know that each of you has a concept of what is simple and good. Mine has nothing to do with education, clothes or financial status. Simple people for me are those that are good to be with.

  • They don’t make a storm in a cup of water, they use their energy to do things.
  • They don’t only see the flaws in others.
  • They give new opportunities to those who have failed.
  • They live without prejudice: no one has what I need, you just have to ask the fat guy, the old guy, the black guy, the housewife, the single mom… and we see how they suffer.
  • They don’t live to impress others or call attention to themselves.
  • They’re accessible, they don’t have a wall around themselves, without a “don’t touch me” attitude.

Each day I understand more why the Lord Jesus said that we should be like children:

  • They’re unable to hold grudges.
  • They run and ask for help when they need it.
  • They trust in their parents and throw themselves at them with closed eyes.
  • They’re able to see the same movie and hear the same joke many times without complaining.
  • They don’t spend the whole time distrusting people.

Living with complicated people is unpredictable and difficult. Be careful not to be like this!

Beauty to me is to be simple, and this is the way to enjoy life to the fullest.

And to you, to be beautiful is…?

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