1. You panic.

You start crying seeing yourself in that situation, you call a friend to tell her the bad news, update your Facebook status letting everyone know about your state of mind at that moment. It’s normal for you to have an emotional reaction to an unexpected problem, but in the case of someone who “panics” this reaction persists. Sadness sets off anxiety, which soon leaves the person depressed and they begin to complain and doubt everything. The consequence follow quickly. They no longer sleep well at night,  begin to take tranquilizers to be able to work, they lose hunger, or on the contrary, start eating uncontrollably and many other problems begin to develop as a consequence of the first reaction, panicking.

2. You give everything in God’s hands.

The moment you receive negative information you are saddened, but right away you make a prayer, thinking: “I don’t know how to solve this problem, so I’m going to hand it over to God and wait for Him to solve it for me.” “He is seeing everything I’m going through, soon He will do something about it.” As a good Christian, as a way of showing your trust, you think that it is what He wants you to do. And usually that is nothing more than laziness in disguised!

I’ve been there and can speak from experience. I thought the problem was out of my reach and that all I could do was trust and God would take me out from that situation. But even when we have a right to something that is in the law, for example, we need to make use of it in order to benefit from it! God’s promises work the same way. Most of the time when we have this reaction we are being lazy to act our faith.

The only reaction that really brings a solution to the problem is the following:

3. You act intelligently.

You may even be sad, upset and in some cases confused but only at first. Right away you put your faith into practice, thinking: “No problem, I will not leave it at that. I’m going to fight, I will not stop, I will start looking for ways to change this right now.” Unfortunately, very few people have this reaction!

So, if you want to conquer, you have to face up the problem. You can’t give up on your goals or be sentimental about every difficulty. Trusting in God is to believe that He is in the lead. But for this to happen you need to follow on!

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