One of the most impressive features of the God of Israel is His invisibility in regards to His image. It is unknown how He is, if He’s tall or short, the color of His skin or eyes, the strength of His arms, His posture, His face, in short… no one ever saw Him, except when He became flesh through His Son, the Lord Jesus, who came at a time when there were no cameras. Only those who lived at the time were privileged to have seen Him with their own eyes.

Other people always questioned Israel about this topic and you can see this clearly in the soap opera, “The Ten Commandments”, which turned into a movie that everyone will be watching on the 28th in theaters (here in Brazil), right ladies? :)

Nobody understood, and even today many people question within themselves. How can you believe in a God that you can’t see? How can serve a God you can’t touch?

When we look at God’s creation, we see how infinite the Universe is, the beauty of the stars, galaxies and planets that we will never understand completely. And we don’t need to go so far to see the immensity of the sea, the variety of fish, the control and balance of each plant and marine species in nature. Animals living a simple life and at the same time exotic, with the perfect habits for their procreation and order in nature. We see all four seasons faithfully year after year, that brings us different moments every year. Our human body that works like a machine, so perfect in everything!

But it’s not only in how nature works that we see our God. We see Him in the people who serve Him, by the way, this is one of the main visibilities He has!

When you look into my eyes, what do you see? Peace or concern?

When you hear me speak, what do you hear? Words that empower you or words that diminish you?

When you see what I wear, what do you see? Discretion and respect or sensuality?

When you see the daughter that I am towards my parents, what do you see? Consideration or ungratefulness?

When you see the sister that I am towards my siblings, what do you see? Friendship or hatred?

When you see the wife that I am towards my husband, what do you see? A helper or competition?

When you see the mother that I am to my son, what do you see? Love or irritation?

When you see the kind of friend that I am to my friends, what do you see? Care or selfishness?

When you see the speaker I am, what do you see? Confidence or shyness?

When you read my blogs or my books, what do you see? Faith or doubt?

When you watch or listen to me on TV or the radio programs I do with my husband, what do you see? Sincerity or hypocrisy?

When you follow me on my social networks, what do you see? Strength or weakness?

If I am of God, you see God in me, not only in some things — but in everything. In all that I am, speak, wear, and follow.

Now in other “gods”, visibility is the image that is made for them and the lives of their followers…

I am not here to criticize anyone’s religion, after all, I don’t consider myself a religious person because of this, religion separates people. I just want you to think for yourself and reach your conclusion.

The air we breath is one of the most obvious things that we have at our disposal and it is invisible. Let’s not fall in the mistake of wanting to touch and see what is not to be seen.

In faith.

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