You know about this, you’ve probably been through it. I have. What the person says does not match what they do for you… it makes you want to scream and say, you don’t love me!

The truth is that love is not as common as it seems.

Oh, love… they sing and talk about it, but who understands it? At an hour the person says they love someone, an hour later they don’t believe in love. A comedian commented once that he can’t see love, and therefore he can’t have it…

After all, what is love?

Wikipedia defines love the way most people define it:

Love (from the Latin word amore) is an emotion or feeling that causes a person to want to do good to someone else or something.

It’s because of this definition and the way people think that many are turning away from love, because it’s not a feeling.

Let’s take look at the example of the love of a mother and child. The child may not have turned out what she wanted. The child may have made wrong choices in life and brought shame to the family. The child may be mad with the mother. However, the mother still loves her child and does everything to see him happy, even if the child doesn’t do anything to make her happy.

Love is not bargaining. You don’t love to get something in return. You love because you love and that’s it. If the person doesn’t love you back, that’s their problem. Parents know about this, and those who don’t it’s because they don’t really love.

You don’t need to feel an emotion to love someone, you simply have to decide to love them. Based on this decision, you do what it takes to love this person. You notice their qualities and don’t look at their defects. You start to please, help, spare, understand and value them. Your pleasure is to see this person happy, therefore, you root for them. You do what is right for them, even if they don’t do the same for you.

Now you understand why the Lord Jesus said:

But I say to you, love your enemies, bless those who curse you, do good to those who hate you, and pray for those who spitefully use you and persecute you, that you may be sons of your Father in heaven. Matthew 5:44

God is love and that’s what He does 24 hours a day. He loves. And for us to be His children, we must do the same. Love not only those in our own home but those outside, our enemies and even those who don’t even know we exist.

Those who love don’t take pleasure in seeing someone suffering. Many people hope to see someone get a divorce, gain weight, get old, loose everything, or for everything to go wrong… these people don’t know what love is, that’s why they are like so. When you see someone leaving a nasty comment on a social network, understand that this is the main problem with them… they don’t know love, and it is up to those who know how to give love to give through understanding, forgiveness and prayer.

The wife who really loves her husband does everything to make him happy and vice versa. It’s amazing how today a simple attitude like doing the dishes for the spouse is already a lot… couples don’t pamper each other, they want to be served, they want to receive and not give… this is a sign that the don’t know love, they don’t know how to love.

Those who love, love without expecting anything in return. The rest is a fake feeling of a “love” that is dumb and crazy, that soon enough will end.

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