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mrseprofileI met my husband-to-be while attending Rutgers University and feeling terrified of graduating and being out on my own.  I never dreamed that he would ever be interested in me, and when he proposed on our first date, I was over the moon!

We were married in Somerset, New Jersey in 1983, but only two weeks after our honeymoon I was diagnosed with a rare eye disease called keretoconus.  It just took 4 years, before I had become legally blind and no recourse but to have a cornea transplant – a risky procedure that we could not afford.  We found the Succeed in Life Center in New York City in December of 1986 where David was called to become a pastor, and were challenged to use our faith in ways we never had before.

It was not easy for either of us, we were both “missionary kids” from traditional Christian homes (my parents served in the Methodist Church in Korea where I was born, and David’s in the Church of Christ in Malawi, Africa).

possessedbelieversimgI thought that I already knew everything there was to know about God.  I had to unlearn so many false ideas that I carried around in my head. I had been taught that God was loving and powerful and that He answered prayers, but I was also taught not to expect much from Him because some people were just chosen to suffer on this earth.  Thankfully I found the church that taught me how to fight against my problem in a spiritual way and in the process, develop a living faith in God.

My eyes were healed in 1989, and since then God has shown me so much more of His power.  Dave and I have been working in SiLC churches in New York, South Africa, the Philippines, Los Angeles California, London England, and now in Houston, Texas.  I helped my husband co-author the book, “Possessed Believers” worked as a radio presenter for Liberty Radio, UK.  I’m blessed to be the mom of two young men, Todd, 21, who works in television broadcasting for the church in Texas, and Mark, 11

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