Cristiane Cardoso

mrscrisprofileI grew up keeping loads of different diaries - daily diaries and ‘angst ridden' diaries. My hardships were usually best met when I put them down on paper. Through my writing, I felt closer to God and often felt better and relieved. I guess the lonely times were to my advantage, because I ended up acquiring the habit of writing the very things I could not express with my lips.

I was raised a missionary's daughter with no planned out future, no permanent home, no life-long friends, an unusual family life, which was fine for me because we were a team. My parents spent a lot of time helping us understand the kind of sacrificial life we lived. And we loved it. I didn't really have much contact with the outside world and when I got married I was still quite young, which was something my family and I had always wanted (believe it or not).

You may wonder how a daddy's girl like me could go through so much as to come to the point of writing depressing diaries, and I wondered about that too. I always thought that I went through things in my life that didn't really make sense and that perhaps I overreacted to them. But when I look back, I realise those were the times I grew out of the bubble I lived in throughout my childhood - the one that made ‘naïve' my middle name. Fortunately, I realized that for someone to be greatly used by God, he or she will have to go through all sorts of hardships, so the moulding and repairing can be done.

betterthanimgThere will be times as you read ‘Better Than a New Pair of Shoes' you may feel some of the messages in it are just too much to take in. Please don't dismay.

Bear with me, and bear with yourself too. It's impossible to change from night to day in one simple reading of a book. Give yourself some time, be patient as God is patient with you, just as He has been very patient with me. There's time for everything, and now it's time to bite and chew each message slowly. You may find it may not be best to read this book from cover to cover in one go, as not all articles follow a natural sequence. Feel free to read any article, in any order you like. If you're single, I'd suggest you read the articles about marriage too so you can prepare yourself. If you're married, read the articles for the youth so you can help your children.

For someone who never thought I could be or do anything meaningful in this world, God has proven me wrong. I know this book is a collection of articles I've written in the past, but some things you'll read here could very likely change the way you see life, making you a better woman all round.

That's why, I say, it will definitely do you more good than buying a new pair of shoes!

In faith,

Cristiane Cardoso

'PS: I've just recently celebrated my 18th anniversary with my first-boyfriend, Renato Cardoso. We're both currently working in Houston, Texas at the SiLC (Succeed in Life Center) where we're both available for private counseling. If you're anywhere close, come and give us a visit.'





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