flaviaDepression Gives Way to Indignation

After my school opened, many difficulties threatened to close it down, but instead of panic or fear, an anger grew inside of me against the situation.


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jennifersorianWatching her baby waste away

Neliz Soriano was given the heart-breaking news that her three-year-old, Jennifer, had ovarian cancer. All her hopes were on the skill of the doctors as she sent her baby to the operating room...

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juancaraccidentReversing the effects of 40-tons of steel

Violet Martinez received news that her brother Juan had been in a massive car accident. His car had been crushed under the weight of an 18-wheeler, with another vehicle flipped onto the truck as well.

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anatomeAt a young age Ana hit her lowest point of drugs and immorality, and she was disgusted with herself. She knew that her mother had always been praying for her, but didn't know her mother prayer, "God, either save Ana, or take her life." One day, her mother's faith paid off...


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