emilylawWhen Emily Law became a teenager, she suffered deep depression and just wanted to die. She never lived a normal life with this traumatic disease of epilepsy. She had no control, couldn't make plans or promises because at any moment a seizure could take over and she'd...

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patriciaAlways prayed for everyone else

I used to be the one that would always pray for everyone else except myself. Around November of 2009, I was praying for my family and friends, and was pretty new in attending SiLC. But then I started having a lot of pain on...

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leodeagueroHad 6 months to live
Leo deaguero

Living on the streets for 5 years drinking all day led Leo to develop an advanced case of hepatitis and cirrhosis. One morning, when Leo woke up, he wasn’t able to get up. With a stomach swollen to half its size, he... 

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