Do I really live here?

nadandedNadya, her husband Edward, and their five young children lived in a squalid home in a drug-infested neighborhood, and had always lived in place like that. For those who lived in her neighborhood, there was a sense of resignation that this was the best they could hope for. But as Nadya began to come to SiLC and learn about God and faith, she became more and more dissatisfied with living in misery and the example of complacency she was setting for her children.

They had been attending SiLC for a few years, slowly working on fears, addictions, marital problems and financial struggles, but though their life was changing in increments, Nadya still felt that it wasn't enough.

One day in August of 2011, both Nadya and Edward took a good look at their home and neighborhood. They had had enough. "If God promises to bless and lead His children out of slavery to their old lives, I want that to happen to us," she said. And so they packed up all they owned, put their furniture into storage, gave away whatever was unnecessary, and left that house for good.

They didn't want to live there, and they didn't want to rent any more. They wanted a house of their own. How they were going to do that, they didn't know. They were well aware that their credit rating had tanked after so many years of financial struggles and mismanagement. They had nowhere to go, but they had a certainty in their hearts and a decision on their minds that God would come through for them. They were done with exposing their children to the drug and nightclub culture they had been in. God would have to take care of them now.

It was a tough period in their lives, but they were determined not to give up on their dream.

Within a few weeks, an unusual opportunity arose. They would be able to take over the mortgage for someone who wanted to hand over his house to anyone willing to finish his payments. As they were trying to negotiate with the homeowner, Nadya's boss got wind of the deal and told them it was too risky. Out of the blue, her boss offered to finance the house of their choice. This happened exactly 30 days after they had moved out of their old drug-infested neighborhood.

Nadya knew they would never be able to find a mortgage company to finance them, but because her boss trusted in her honesty and integrity, he was more than happy to offer a fair and straightforward loan.

Within 3 to 4 months, a brand new house was found in a good, peaceful neighborhood—with 5 bedrooms and 3 ½ baths and a generous yard for her boisterous family—and soon the paperwork was finalized for the Gonzales' to get the keys to their new home. Today both Edward and Nadya live in constant amazement at how God gave them something that they had never expected or experienced before.

"I look out the door of my house sometimes and think, 'Do I really live here?'" laughs Edward. It all started with a radical faith, doing the unthinkable to receive the impossible.

Nadya & Edward Gonzales

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