"All I could see were failed relationships

   and destroyed financial lives."



There was always something weird going on in my family, it seemed like no matter how much they tried to succeed in life, they never had good luck in anything they did. All I could see were failed relationships and destroyed financial lives. Even if they got married, somehow things would end in a divorce. Whenever they applied for jobs, they would return rejected or end up losing it. Little did I know that there was witchcraft being done in my family, and the cycle of bad luck was the result of the evil performed. As time passed, I started to see the same cycle happening in my life. I was stuck, and my life was heading in the same path of destruction like my other family members. I wanted help, I needed help. Searching for a church was easy, but none of the churches I went to could help me. Not until I found this church. I chose to put into practice all the things I was learning here, and gradually things started to change. I fought against the generational curse by coming to the deliverance meetings every Friday. I made Chains of Prayer and persevered in my faith because my life had to change. Today I am no longer cursed. My life is blessed, and the blessings have reached my family as well.

- Olive


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