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How can you want to be different and not be?

decisionssilcSomeone once asked me how I managed to get the things I wanted and at the time, I was caught by surprise and said the first thing that came into my mind, 'I decided to be different.' But as I pondered on the question later, I realized that it wasn't really for the fact that I 'wanted to be different' - a lot of people are quite different and quite weird at that. The secret was that 'I DECIDED' to be different.

We make decisions every single minute of our life, conscious or unconscious. We're also bound to make both good and bad decisions all the time... The key however, is to make more right decisions than bad ones.

Going back to my decision of being different, I had to do something in order for that decision to work. It's of no use for one to say 'I decide I'll change from now on if it is really just words. When you decide to do something, find ways to commit to that decision.

I created a chart with decisions I have to make over and over again throughout my life. Some of them only had to be made once, but others need to be done constantly.
The middle section is where I want to get.

What do you need to decide from now on to get to where you want to get? Make a chart and start working on it. With God's guidance, you'll get there. If I did it, you can do it much better!

In faith,

Cristiane Cardoso


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