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Breaking Yoke Oil
Have you been carrying problems like addictions, health issues,
fighting with your spouse, a broken house...

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Feminine Nightmare
Wondering around the house, feeling empty and bored, opening the fridge
and finding absolutely nothing good enough
to eat... 

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Weak love vs Strong love - which is yours?
I don't know if you have ever fainted or felt that
your physical strength had left you.

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     "Addictions ruled in my family."




For 9 years, Arthur had a gambling addiction. He would spend up to two thousand dollars a week on gambling. He developed strong anger problems and would get enraged many times, to the point of not knowing what he was doing. His wife, Janett, also suffered with an addiction. At the age of 15, she became addicted to alcohol. She tried to stop many times, but would never have the strength to quit. She fell into holes of depression many times, and was ready to give up on her life.

After coming to Succeed in Life Center for one year, they overcame their addictions together. Arthur no longer gambles, and he is free from the fits of rage. Janett no longer depends on alcohol. She is free and happy with her family. Today Arthur is financially blessed. He got a better job and earns three times more than what he used to. The cycle of failure in this couple’s life was broken once and for all.

- Arthur and Janett Frias


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